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Thread: Variables problem!!!

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    I am a relative newbie to MX, so go easy on me. =)

    I have a list of cities that I am loading into MX from a cfm file. I use these in various text dynamic text fields around the stage. No problem.

    However, I have another variable/value that is the sum of all the cities. cityCount.

    I don't want to use this in a textfield (although when I do it works), but instead, I want to use it in an actionscript.

    I want to do something like:

    onClipEvent(load) {
    cityList._y = cityCount;

    When I hard code a number in there, like 50, it works EXACTLY how I want. When I just plop "cityCount" in there, it doesn't work. I have tried _root.cityCount, this.cityCount, with no luck.

    Please help!

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    Hi there,

    It sounds as though, either your variable isn't being loaded into your movie, or you are loading it into somewhere other than root, and are trying to reference it incorrectly.

    I would suggest adding breakpoints to the actionscript where your variables are loaded into the movie, and running the movie in debug mode 1 line at a time.

    This will enable you to see when the vars are loaded and what they contain.

    I hope this helps.


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