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Thread: A Strange Question

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    ...I've got a main movie and a 2nd movie loaded as level 1 (thanks for the previous anwer to my question about it)

    1)I'm in the movie level 1, with a button I want to play again the main movie, so i put loadmovienum level=0

    In my main movie I've got a preloader in scene 1, so when I load it from the second movie I see for 1 second the preloader and then the "real" main movie


    How can I avoid the preload to be seen when I load again movie 1?

    (Hope I'm clear with what I wrote down)

    Thanks All


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    You would only want the preloader to play when the movie hasn't loaded, so before your preloader starts you need something like this:

    if (_root.getBytesLoaded() == _root.getBytesTotal()){
        //goto a frame after the preloader
    For example, put that on frame 1, if the condition is true, send them to frame 10, otherwise the preloader loop will play from frame 2 - 9.

    Hope this helps,


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    Thanks for your answer, but sadly my problem is unsolved, cause when I load the main movie from movie at level 1, I see the last frame of the preloader in the main movie (scene 1) and then the main movie itself...(scene 2)

    I'm going crazy with it!

    Thanks again!

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