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Thread: Damn, it loads slow

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    I need to know if there is a way to cut back the file size or make the movie load faster cuz man duz it take a looooong time to load.

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    For a start, you check what is taking up most of the file size or if you have any unnecessary embedded fonts.
    If you go to Publish Settings then Flash tab and tick 'Generate Size Report', a text file will be produced with a breakdown of your movie,


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    You can do the above suggested option, plus make sure you reuse symbols as much as possible. I can't tell you how far a white rectangle can go into creating all kinds of parts of your interface by using instances of it and changing its color and size properties...using symbols and instances of the same symbols cuts back file size...make sure you are compressing all sound and images before importing them and don't make them any bigger than they have to be...if an image needs to be 400x300 bring it in that way. Don't bring in a 800x600 image and scale it down...waste of space. Do these things and you should have no problem...oh and start using the dynamic loading abilties of Flash MX...I now call external sound FX MP3's from a audio folder from within my movie...then the sound streams right in when needed...no longer part of the movie size during download. Makes the file size go way down.

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    There it is, right there!

    theres the problem. i was importing jpegs at too high quality and too way too big, and scalling down.
    thanx for the help!

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