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i personally think star wars is crap regardless of how obsessed its fans are. it is basically a ripoff of isaac asimov's theories and lingo (hyperspace, blasters) and george's latest creations are even worse. put bluntly, it is only good because of its royal status. the matrix, or for that matter ANY other film, rivals this sextet of episodes. we need to move on to a new generation of futuristica. star wars is going to celebrate its 25th birthday this year...i think that speaks for itself.

Yup! I have to agree with you here... I've seen all the starwars films and they are quite honestly crap. The directing in them is poor, the editing worse; using foul old, but tried and tested formula (ie the clock swipe from one scene to the next, a few set back points, but then good triumphing over evil).

Lucarse just makes his films to appeal to the lowest common denominator, thus gaining a large mainstream audience.

Don't get me wrong here, the first few were ok, interesting, even entertaining, if a little long winded.

They just aren't as 'life changing' as so many nerds make out. I guess you REALLY have to be into it, but there are better space/cowboy films out there.

Enough waffeling... I smell nerds near by...