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Thread: Flash and Dreamweaver

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    Hey people,

    I'm trying to intergrate some small flash movies into my site built in dreamweaver and having no problems, except with the menu's. I can't seem to get the menu made in flash to bring objects up in the correct frame. It always creates a new browser window, whether I tell it to or not.

    I'm still fairly new to all of this, so keep the answers simple. I know a little actionscript, but not a lot, and I have a hunch that that's where the problem lies, although I'm not certain that the problem isn't in dreamweaver itself.

    For an idea of what I'm trying to do, have a look at http://www.antiskeptic.com.au

    The menu down the left - I want one on my site!


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    To target frames from within your .swf file you need to do two things.

    First, in Dreamweaver, make sure the frame you're targetting has a name.

    Second, in Flash, use that frame name in the target part of the getURL actions on your menu buttons.

    That's it.

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