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Thread: need help for intro page

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    I was in the process of making a flash intro page for a web site, but i have a little problem... I was thinking of making leaves (as in autumn leaves) come from the left, circle in the middle of the page (like a little funnel) and then go through the right of the page. As they pass, text would appear in the background.

    The thing is, i dont know what would be the best technique to achieve this effect (actionscript or no), and i dont know much actionscript. If you could help me out with the code (if you think it requires one), i'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Hi, do mb 3 different movie clips of the leafs falling, then drop them on the timeline, this will duplicate the animations (and save size of final swf), u need to make it look random if u are to make it look good

    mb more than 3 mcs, think of nature and that one leaf will fall in its own way, the next leaf heavier and with caterpillar will fall faster, also change the colours slightly green leaf, greeny brown, light brown etc

    post the final anim, i'd like to see how it went

    good luck

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    sounds interesting.. I'd go w/ tweening. Just be sure to set a random looking path layer (like black pheonix said) and do his suggestion of different colors etc.. But to answer the question, i'd use tweening..
    Hope that helps,

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    i do have a ready made movie ,a very nice and clean one,if u still need it mail me on talent@hostingcreations.com

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