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Thread: I want to learn how to model cars

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    does anybody have simple tutorials to begin with for modeling cars

    I have 3dsm but the only thing I could make was a stupid cube

    I've just downloaded zmodeler and made a table

    Any body has zmodeler tut? simple tuts to begin with

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    Going from a cube to cars is a pretty big jump. Your best bet in MAX would be to start learning subdivision surfaces (more commonly known as box modeling in MAX parlance).

    Bump up the number of width/length/height segments in that box, then convert to an editable mesh. Add a MeshSmooth modifier in the stack with a couple iterations. Now, you have the digital equivalent of a lump of clay. Go into Sub-Object mode and practice moving vertices and extruding faces. Toggle the Show End Result button to see both the original and derived objects.

    The 'old school' approach is to make a clone of your box -- it must be a Reference. Add the MeshSmooth modifier to the reference clone. Apply a wireframe texture to the control mesh (box) with 100% Self-Illumination. Modify the control mesh and observe changes in the derived surface (reference clone).

    Get some experience with cutting edges to add detail. Practice modeling very simple symmetric objects with only one side. Then, mirror the control mesh, attach to the original and weld the seam. This takes some practice.

    Once you are familiar with these basic mechanics, look for some box modeling tutorials online. Try to build something like a low-poly spaceship before you start working on cars.

    good luck!

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