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Thread: Who's ever taken the SAT/SAT II?

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    Good Luck!!!!!

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    Originally posted by Dowenger
    humm...SAT's.. yummm
    I was pretty sure you were dead or something.
    Look who popped in.

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    yeah, taking it easy is key. i once read somewhere about the effects of stress on short-term and long-term memory and how it inhibits recall. i never crammed in high school or college, in fact i never really studied for anything, which really pissed off the kids who spent all night cramming and got b's, while i just sat around and pulled in a's. turns out my low-stress level gave me better memory recall. yay me!

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    Just for *****s n giggles, what did you guys get on the SAT's? I'm sure there are some smart folk here on this site.

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    OK...just had to update y'all

    My score is now available online for a small fee of $13 , if any of you would like to contribute so you can see my scores now (if you're just so eager) please do!

    If not, I can see my scores for no charge on June 22...I'll see you all then. *gulp*


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    Greenville SC
    1080 I think. LOL Most people here were amazed. Gotta love that South Carolina education. I wish I had done better. I always said I would be happy with am 1150 - 1200 but I settled with 1080 because at the time I thought I was going military. But that didn't work out. So I payed my way through tech college got a pretty good job, got laid-off, and here I am today, board out of my friggin mind. bleh.

    I always took the cram approach. If I studied at all. A's always came easy for me.

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    Bah, this was the Biology Subject test--it's out of 800. I usually crammed for tests as well. One time, I borrowed someone's notes, and used exculsively that material only to study for a test; he got an 88, I got a 91. I kind of felt bad...


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    Your Bathroom! Bwahahaha!
    Ouch! I bet he never lent them to you again.

    Same here...

    Why do things when there is no pressure? I always wait till the last minute and I've made all A's so far in the courses I've taken at the local college.

    One thing I won't ever do again is write a 10 page research paper on the day it's due. . .I made an A but it isn't worth the stress.

    Besides that, I'm darn lucky I didn't fail. . .

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    For those who care, I didn't do as well as I hoped, but not as bad as it could have been. I did better than 48% of the people who took it, which I guess isn't so bad; I won't let it bother me, there's always next year...600. (out of 800)


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    I took the PSAT exam in grade 10 this year, it's basically for kids who are thinking of going into college in the states, and who don't want to bother with cepeg (quebec...)
    I can't remember my score but i got 79 percentile, which is good seeing most kids that take it are in grade 11.

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    Haha, better than mine

    Doesn't matter to me that much, I can take it again next year, and I didn't do so bad anyway


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