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Thread: Question for some of the real pros

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    I might possibly be designing a site for a pretty high traffic site soon. Most of the work I have done thus far has been very low traffic, specific use stuff.

    My question is, should there a be a concern about accessing data via ASP scripts from an access database? At high times, I believe this site can reach 100,000 hits a day. I am not real sure about how the Access database will work if the ASP is trying to access it simultaneously many times.

    Can someone fill me in on a little info of how this works?



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    You should read up about different lock types and how to set/change them. You can set it so that when the script opens a particular record to alter it, it is locked to other requests for it with a specific wait time (let's say 3 seconds). I don't know much about it, but that's my guess on what to research.


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    If 100,000 hits or requests to an ACCESS database a day are realistic, unless you have a monster server (with very fast I/O), I STRONGLY recommend going with SQL2000.

    ASP Code conversion to SQL is almost a joke, its easy, and setting up the DB in SQL is wonderfully simple.

    The above is cautionary to the missing facts like the # of fields, query types, and/or the number of records to be returned from that many requests.

    If you start out a site with that traffic, in can only get higher, right? So, implement a scalable strategy NOW, before the project gets bigger, and you have users jumping up and down that the site seems slow. Been there, and done that!

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