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Thread: PHP Problem

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    hello all

    I'm having a problem with my PHP scripts.
    I have 2 basic script I use for a message board and email form. These scripts work perfectly when the swf they are used with is embedded in its own html page. But when I load the swf's (not in a html page) into another movie using the LoadMovie command they won't work???

    If anyone knows why or how to fix it i would be most grateful if you could let me in on it...

    if it would help to see the script ill post the web address


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    If things only go wrong when you start using LoadMovie, then it sounds like your _level targetting is not correct. Double check that the level/target used in your loadVariables command is correct.

    For example, if you were previously using _level0 but are not loading the .swf into _level3, then you'll also need to change _level0 to _level3 in your loadVariables command.

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