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Thread: Popup window help desperately needed!!!

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    Hello everyone!

    Ok here is my question, ready?

    I have made a movie in swish. I am going to create a standalone with it for a cd presentation.

    At the end of the movie, there is a line of text that says, "Click here for more info..." What I need to accomplish is this..............

    When that text is clicked on, I need for a browser window to open an html file (menu.html) with the dimensions of 750x550 without any scrollbars, status, or any of that stuff. Not chromeless, just without everything but the titlebar.

    I have searched this forum high and low and have tried every popup window suggestion I could find. Most of them were opening a browser window in a regular size (instead of 750x550) but the page did not load in the window. Instead I just got a bunch of java mumbo jumbo code displaying in the window. A couple times the code I tried froze the broswer window and kept making dinging noises as if it were trying to open a gazillion windows at once.

    I do specify the window size as well as specify I don't want all of the scrollbars, etc but I have not been able to get any of the codes I've tried to actually work.

    The way I went about it was to select the text in Swish, then go to Actions>Add Event>On Release(tried On Press too)>Add Action>Javascript> and then added the javascript in the javascript window. I also made sure that the javascript had refreshed to the action window above.

    I made sure that the swi was saved in the same folder as the html page I am trying to open so that when I tested it in the player, it would look in that directory for the html file I am trying to open.

    I am so lost! :-( I am suppose to have this cd presentation finished by Monday morning and here it is 2 am Saturday morning and I still haven't figured it out. :-(

    Can anyone walk me through how I can accomplish this? Keep in mind that this will be opening from a standalone movie. I don't know if that matters, but I thought I'd throw that in.

    I just need it to open an html file with a specific size without the scrollbars, status, etc. Chromeless would be great, but I figured I'd better keep it simple so I can get this done on time, but if anyone knows how to accomplish this with a chromeless window, that would be great too! :-)

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help! I am really desperate here and need some guidance!

    Thanks again and have a great weekend!


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    Hi Monica ---

    Here is the code you need (I tested it on my machine and it works like you need it to):

    window.open('test.htm','test',width='750',height=' 550');

    Simply attach it to an action:
    onPress | Javascript | (enter code here)

    Note that it will not work if you test it in a flash player on within swish. You need to open the swf in IE.

    Good luck.


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    The standalone player doesn't support javascript so when you use JS, it opens a normal browser window to try and interpret it. Don't know of a workaround, but will get back if I find anything. Do a search on Macromedia in the meantime.

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    Popup Generator by Dexter

    The program is in Spanish and English.
    You can change the idiom in top.

    Popup Generator:


    Enjoy !!!!!!!!
    And good bye problems with Popups

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    HI, did the software links posted above solve your problems with launching a popup from a standalone projector? I'm looking for a solution for the same thing at the moment but those links are not working.

    Did anyone solve this problem? I'm seeing it everywhere on a bunch of different boards, but no answers.

    Thank you

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    Don't waste a click on the screenshot:

    ! The page cannot be displayed
    —Flash Buddy
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    Secure Affordable Web Hosting

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    As a bandaid, we just wrote up a window resize function and hardcoded the size we wanted it to be right in the popup window when it loads. It works good. So after it pops up, it resizes smaller.

    This way, I didn't have to call any javascript, just did a normal getURL and the window resized itself.


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    Lets seriously hope that isn't my popup generator.

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    Frets, what do you mean? The broken link leads to a popup generator? I didn't get to see it, so I'm not too sure.

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