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Thread: Using device fonts

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    I am trying to make a piece of text selectable on the screen. The text is a justified paragraph with 2pt leading. However in the SWF the text looses all of its formatting and becomes left aligned and rather squashed. I also want it to display it in my own font and not in Times, so I embedded it into the library but this did not display at all when published. The space where the text should be was completely blank. Does any one have any solutions please?

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    hi u can use any dynamic font but my rules are if the viewer doesnt have the "font" it will use a default font

    so if u design it to have certain leading kerning etc the default font will be used and all the font settings will be disregarded

    a good font to use is veranda, mac and pc standard

    works great for me

    also ignore the leading mb it will work, but i would design it so the txt box is mb 3/4 full

    ok i'm 97, or have v bad eyesite so i have set up my machine to display txt as v big txt, your text will flood out of the box, if it wont resize leaving the viewer with half the words

    design for the worst scenario

    oh my god now u know how old i am

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