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Thread: i'll save the universe!

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    Jan 2002
    im still waiting on some content from the artist, so please rip apart the design while i have some spare time


    hows the overall feel of the site? what works and what doesnt? can you figure out the navigation, or do you just get lost? does it load fast enough? any kind of feedback would be appreciated, thanks

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    Apr 2002
    pretty nice..but you are no superhero and you will save no one..

    anyways loaded instantly, played fine, nav is cool, contact picture is all pixelated to hell..

    1.8 gig pent 4 with 512..cable modem..

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    Jun 2002
    I like the animation of the music song selection coming in. And the navigation is really cool. i've never seen something like that before.

    The only complaint i could think of is to add a scroll bar into the middle text section.

    It did take awhile to load, but not to bad considering i'm on a 28kb modem.

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    Mar 2002
    Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Nice and simple. Navigation is easy.

    The Contact picture indeed doesn't come out too well and I don't really like the grid over that picture.

    And hmmm..... you don't really want me to lick your albums do you?

    If you like, please also check my site:

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    juggernart me2222's Avatar
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    Jun 2000
    looks interesting.
    not sure about the colors, could be fresher.

    good idea for the menu, though it's a bit jumpy. i would put a fadeout thing onto it.
    the pixelfont of the menu gets blurred when moving up and down, fix this.
    remove the pointer thing, you don't need it, it looks better without (like in the discographium) and btw it's buggy (move the mouse in and out and you can see the pointer appearing somewhere).


    ps: your music... not my style.

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    Jan 2002
    ok, cool.
    yeah, i wasn't sure how the color scheme would work, which is one of the reasons i brought this out for a test run. i'm gonna tweak them a bit.
    the scroll bar is a good idea. wasn't sure how to do one, but i do now, so that'll be in the next update when i re-upload it either today or tomorrow.
    changed the contact picture too, to something more diagonal and less pixellated.

    keep the comments and critiques coming, i'll be uploading the changes tomorrow (hopefully), even though its my birthday. (yay me!)

    btw, this site isnt me or my music, its a guy i know. i guy who likes people to lick his albums.

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    May 2001
    Wow, I really like the navigation it is very original and creative. I like the way the music menu slides in and out its very smooth. overall I think the site has a nice feel to it!


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    Your site goes here RedAbode's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    i really lik e your site.. it has good clear navigation but i would insist on making it seem a little more like it's in flash, flash is to make webpages be better and faster and so on but i think u need to add some animation of some sort.. also your site could be duplicated in html

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    Jan 2002
    ok, i just uploaded some changes...

    added a scrollbar, got rid of that pointer, added some animation to the menu, and hopefully got rid of the blurring that occurs with the fonts.

    i also tweaked the colors and tried to make it a bit slicker, let me know what you think.

    still waiting on the rest of the content from the artist, so please keep the comments coming. im having a lot of fun working on this project, and the critiques im getting here are really helping me along the way

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