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Thread: Pop up window

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    Hi! Ive have a proble opening a pop window, i insert an action to a button, is like this
    on (release) {
    getURL("javascript:window.open('http://www.wherever.com.com/audio.swf','Audio','width=224.2,height=349.6')", "_blank");
    when i tested in flash everything is allright but when i upload it and test in over the internet in wont work, is like nothing happen.. what it could be?
    im using flash MX and publish it in flash 5, using internet explorer, by the way another question:
    Macos X + Netscape 6 + load movie= NOTHING HAPPENS!! do you know what it could be? Thanks very much!

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    Ryan Thomson EvolveDesigns's Avatar
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    when you post it online, is the .swf embedded in an html page or linked directly? I think the style of script your using requires the swf to be embedded. If that doesn't help, try this:

    on (release) {
    varHeight = "355";
    varWidth = "600";
    getURL ("javascript:window.open('YourPage.html','someName ','width=600,height=355,top='+((screen.availHeight/2)-(" add varHeight/2 add "))+',left='+((screen.availWidth/2)-(" add varWidth/2 add "))); void(0);");

    just make sure to change both places that show the dimensions. hope that helps a bit

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    this is what works for me...it seems to be almost just like EvolveDesigns' one but here's the one i use...
    getURL("javascript:thiswindow=window.open(your url.com','nameofwindow','width=500,height=450,left =0,top=0,toolbar=No,location=No,scrollbars=No,stat us=No,resizable=No,fullscreen=No'); thiswindow.focus(); void(0);");

    that's the code that works for me, but of course you'll have to edit it to your preferences..hope that helps.

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    You can also try this as well:

    Basically the same thing:


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