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Thread: Problem with duplicated movieclips

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    Hi everybody,
    my problem is the following :

    I've got a movieClip in wich I'd like to duplicate movieClips and be able to scroll in the first one...
    How to choose my target for the duplicate, and how to create a scroll?

    I hope someone will be able to answer me
    Thank you

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    You don't make much sence. But try using .root

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    Sorry, my english sucks coz I'm french... )

    I'm gonna try to explain it better :

    The movie clip that will contain the others movieClips is called "conteneur".
    the duplicated movieClips are called ["liste"+i]

    I want to duplicate ["liste"+i] in "conteneur" and if the total lenght of all the ["liste"+i] clips is bigger than "conteneur" lenght, I want a scroolbar to appear

    I hope it is better said like that )

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