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    ok...i have an .avi video that i want to put on a site for my friend in flash MX..how do i put the video in so that the people viewing it doesn't have to load the huge file upfront? how can i set it so that they just stream the video?

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    by default flash to it streaming ...

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    turn the .avi file into an swf. then you need to test this swf in the bandwith profiler against bandwidth of your target audince. make an empty keyframe in the first frame of the swf and put in a stop() action so the video won't show up before we want it to.

    Then make a preloader to load the an estimated number of frames so that the playhead won't reach any unloaded frames. then when this number of frames has been achieved you just call play() on the swf with the video...

    this will not be true streaming I know but it won't load it all either... If you wan't true streaming you'll need to get tincan when it's released. It can handle streaming with the new flash video(.flv) format.


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    ok..thanks for the help

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