I am trying to learn serverside scripting, and I have gone trough several tutorials and examples. But I cant find 1 that just simply tells me how to write to the the damn asp or database. I have a huge webbspace on my university server, but they dont allow php (freakin lamers), so its up to asp and access database. Is there someone capeble of describing to me a way to pass a value from flash to asp, and from that to a db(if necessary) ? More than happy to use the loadVars object. I could allso go with xml. The only thing I really really need to know to get started is hoew to reed& WRITE to the server.

Please help me on this journey to knowledge, so I can make an VERY interresting site for you to check,play&criticise.

/Danny Gomez

thank you...I have waited more then enought with serverside scripting...I will lay my cosmic eye of healing upon dee who helps me out