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Thread: Sound Object Problem

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    Hello all:

    I was working on creating a scrolling Volume and Pan using the tut found here http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Au...27/index.shtml

    Everything is working fine except for one thing.

    The loop does not loop. Infact it plays like 1 1/2 times not even a full 2 loops.

    Here is the code I have for the looping part

    mySound = new Sound ();
    mySound.start ("" , 999)

    I am using MX, can anyone help???


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    your codes fine... where did you put it though?

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    ID10T Error!!!! Sorry!

    Ok, I am not proud of this but...

    After going through each movie clip and looking at all my actions, I found a Stop all Sound action I had mistakenly left behind when I began the project.

    Needless to say, once I removed it everything worked just fine.

    Sorry to bother you all.


    Look before you leap! ;-\

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