heh. sorry for the inflamatory title, but I don't think that the person(s) who came up with that saying ever really expected anyone to take them up on the offer.

well...im outta here! no, i don't want to start a mean, nasty thread over the pros and cons of any particular govmn't system, i'm just ready for a change.

as soon as i finish my certs (A+, MCSA, MCSE, Linux+...yada yada yada) i'm headin' to new horizons. no hard feelings, life has been good, but i'm a little tired of the current (last 100 years ) political movement, and i seem to have lost my faith in the ability to change it (i looked under the couch, but all i found was an old cat-toy).

but where to go? i've been to Germany and seen parts of Europe (really loved it!)...have always been curious about Aussie-land or NZ....

bottom line, I want a govmn't that is ecologically aware and hip to individual rights (although of course no-one's perfect)...and i want to be able to enjoy the environment (hiking, camping, etc). i want to go somewhere where Americans aren't COMPLETELY scorned and hated (which narrows the field a little)...
of course, i want to be able to find a career in my chosen web design/IT area that pays enough for me to be comfortable (stinking-rich would be kewl, but comfortable will do) don't mind learning a new language (still remember some of my German...)

i am not expecting some utopia across the seas or whatever, i know we all have problems, I just think i would like to sample a different set of problems for a while.
i have about a year to think it over and get familiar with the new scene....

where should i go? i know that our FK family hails from all over the globe (and I think they just found a bunch of water on Vamstko's planet )...so what do you think? where is THE place to be these days (and why)?

help me help me help me!