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Thread: Incosistency with LoadVariables

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    I'm working with a movie that calls some Coldfusion code with the variables defined in that code. The LoadVariables command is loading them into the _root as a target. The problem that I'm encountering is...

    My variables load fine on a PC, but the code was written on a Mac, and won't be displayed on a Mac. I end up getting some unwanted html <p align=left"></p>, and when I check the HTML box for the Text Options, I get nothing... yet the text file spits out the info without any of this unwanted html...

    My question is: Has anyone experienced an inconsistancy with Mac and PC in regards to what variables get displayed??

    Any thoughts would be appreciated...


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    are you terminating variable strings with an ampersand? (& )
    You need to so this, i.e.

    As for the mac flash player, well:

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    Yeah... all the variables are terminated properly. The frustrating thing is, it displays just fine on the PC, alas, the Mac player doesn't seem to be reading the variables. I don't have a problem with some of the earlier interaction in the movie with the Mac player, but two scenes in, the variables stop showing up. I'm going to look into my CF page and just take apart that for awhile...

    On a different note, do you have to embed a font {...} in every dynamic field if you want that font to appear?? If so, how do you lower your file size. I don't even have any bitmaps and it's getting larger by the second...

    Once again,

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    Once you've embedded the font once, that should be it.
    I've never actually tested this though...

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