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Thread: Linking Flash?

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    I am designing a page with multiple Flash movies on it. They are all in seperate frames as well.

    I need to link them together. Is there a way to do that?

    There are three movies - a menu - a main and a link bar (animated)

    How can I link them? Is there a way to link them?

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    i belive there is a way to do it with java scripting, but a much easier way would be to:

    make your Nav movie the size of your final product (800x600),'Load Movie' for your Main -'Stop' if you don't want it to loop, have your buttons 'Load Movie'

    in your loaded movies you can specify their location with 'Set Property' _x, and/or _y="number of pixels offset from upper left of Nav"


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    I think Load Movie is the best way to do

    Its in my Blood, B+

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