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Thread: rethreaded / 2advanced v. gmunk

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    rethread of http://board.flashkit.com/board/show...hreadid=322106

    Originally posted by aversion

    post some evidence taiyo, show us side by side screenshots that show eric jordan using the exact same design elements as any other designer.
    Now, I am not a 2advanced basher. I like the majority of stuff that they have done online with audio and motion. It has gotten many online, and new artists, interested in the scene.

    However, to re-start the above thread before it was closed, I have posted this similar image grab from the highly respected The Designers Republic and a 2Advanced splash screen created later on.

    (Though, the majority of design work nowadays is somewhat influenced from TDR anyhow, like cut-out trace around characters, blocked out buildings, layered and deconstructed buildings, tiny meaningless type, horizontal raster bitmap pulled images and the first true big user of arrows in design work from several years back)

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    Don't worry, I'd seen tons of examples like this over the past 2 years.

    But the blind here will say it's only a slight influence even though that looke EXACTLY the same and 2 other examples just like this have already been posted by other people within the last 2 weeks.

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    hey... heres an Idea... spend less time obsessing and more time designing.

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    If the previous thread on this subject was closed, then there was a good reason.

    I'll close this one for now.

    Anyone who thinks it should be re-opened, send me an email and explain your reasoning, I may re-open if I'm convinced.

    david p.

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