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    Hi guys/girls......Flashers

    Hope some of u can help me out with this q !

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    When roll out.... the movieclip/mouseover in my button stopp.
    I can understand that part

    But how do i keep the animation continue running AFTER i have rolled out ??????
    Only thing that continues is the sound.Not the animation.
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    Please help me........



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    What you need to do is,
    instead of having a movieclip in the 'over' state of you button, leave it seperate, and put it on the timline that your button is situated in. To do this you need a blank keyframe in the first frame of the mc, with a stop action in it (so it won't be seen 'till mouseover) Then on you button, the action:
    Begin Tell Target("/movieclipinstancename")
    Go to and Play(2)
    End Tell Target
    End On

    If you leave it at that, the movieclip will play to the end of it's timeline, where you can have a couple of blank frames, and then an action to go to and stop frame one (resets the mc so the mouseover can work again)
    There is loads more you can do, set variables so that if the user mouses over and out repeatedly the mc still plays till the end etc etc etc, let me know how this works for ya

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    resolved Thanx

    Hi sonwah...

    Thanx for ur help...

    I had this post out on 4 different boards, and have resived
    many answers and fla's.

    Thanx for ur time again !


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