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Thread: Art Contest!!!

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    Hi guys!

    I'm having an Art Contest at SickDwarf.com!!!
    I hope to get many submissions but as it's looking now, only 2 people submitted. You can submit .swf .jpg .gif and .png! No limit to file size. Max width/height = 1024x768. Submissions will be taken till 16th of June. The winner will get his pic on the main page. I know the prize sucks, but hell, it's for the community. Submissions can be sent to art@sickdwarf.com

    For more info go to SickDwarf.com under SD Art.

    See you guys.

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    Where am i?
    not much time is there.. just four days... hmmm and i still have to finish a paper... owhell probably other people here who want to join

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