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Thread: "unexpected file format"-YIKES!

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    Oooh, bad! Flash took a dive while on a very developed project, and now can't access it--error message says "unexpected file format." Tried resaving w/ new names, placing in other folders, S.O.L.

    Any idears?

    Your biggest fan,

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    next step is to try re-installing flash

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    this happens when trying to open files created with a later version of flash.

    e.g trying to open flash 5 file with flash 4

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    Has the filename and/or extension changed? If Flash tried to save the file and made a temporary backup, you might be able to rename it to a valid filename and open it up again, although, unfortunately, I rather doubt it..

    I assume you are working on one PC, not at home and at work with different versions of Flash or anything, right?

    If you have an SWF of the project, you may be able to decompile it back to an FLA, you can try using SWF Scanner, or other software you may find on the Tucows network.

    Good luck!


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