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Thread: Panorama

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    Hi.. I been using the drag control to control my panorama-picture but I want to asign hotspots in this, but cant get it to work right.

    anyone tried this ?

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    Are you trying to do 360 panaoramic when mouse clicked and dragged it rotates? If this is the case, i can help you out with code, otherwise please elaborate

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    360 and hotspots

    Yeah.. Ive want to do an 360 panorama.

    Ive fund some code that does the drag and duplicate move

    BUT and here is the tricky thing - I want to asign hotspots in my panorama-picture for here doing new actions.
    (like popup text(rollover) - and with release jumping to an new panorama.

    :-) PAUK

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    Hi I have done something like this with hotspots on the panoramas, but I am having problems of my own. Firstly I want to constrain the drag so the panorama rotates only when the mouse is over, secondly the preloaders in each of the panoramas dont wont in the main movie but they do if you go directly to their URL.


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