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Thread: What really sux about some Flash site design

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    I just had another "sucky" experience with a Flash site, one of many many other sucky ones. You see, to me if I see a site with a cool Flash intro and a cool Flash interface I would assume that I'll get a consistantly great Flash experience throughout... but nooo... what did I see? Once I click on the wonderfully designed Flash navigation interface, they load up an HTML page! Not that the design of the HTML page is bad, it's just that it had not been integrated with the initial design.

    It's a whole new interface darnit and the entire experience is lost completely! By then (after my countless time of seeing this kind of site)I had lost all interest and just closed the browser window.

    (if you don't get what I mean, see Cocacola's site and click on the polar bears, this site is not as bad since I rather like the design but still...)

    Anyone feel as strongly as I do about this? That Flash sites should not only be about cool animations, but bringing to the visitors a complete multimedia experience?

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    lol. yer a DORK dude.

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    I must agree that it is an annoying situation to wait for an interesting flash movie to download only to find out that what you are seeing really has nothing at all to do with rest(the content) of the site.

    Consistency is a key in the web design profession. An misleading a user builds a lack of trust and often frustration.

    As far as Flash sites being about delivering a "complete multimedia experience" - sure, it can be used for that, but is that the best solution for that content?

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