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Thread: Repeat code every 30 seconds

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    How would this be done? I would like to update a hit counter every 30 seconds. If my code worked right, it would update every half a second (maybe that's way nothing is displaying), but I only want it to update every 30 seconds.

    My code doesn't display anything in the movie's text field, but the swf plays fine other wise. It is in frame1, and the topmost layer. How would I change it to execute every 30 seconds instead of everytime frame1 is played?

    loadVariablesNum("flashcounter.php", 0);

    Is there something I should change to make it work?
    The "flashcounter.php" file just opens a text file and outputs "Counter=" and then the number from the text file on the screen. I have the text field variable named as Counter.

    Any advice for me?

    Thanks a lot =)

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    make your code a function then call the function and do this:

    setInterval(functionName, 30000);

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    I've put the code in, but it says it's in "Frame1" and it gets called every second. Where do I put my function and the setInterval(CountIt,30000); line?

    I don't see an area for user defined functions or flash commands. I would like to put the code in a general area, not in a frame. Could someone help me out with this?


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    i think...

    ... you can place it in a stopped mc, frame 2. You can give this mc the name "all functions" or something like that.

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