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Thread: Blank screen when using compression

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    has anyone seen this effect/bug ?

    I have a quite simple clip including a movie. If i enable compression, the .swf loads and i only get a white screen.

    With disabled compression everything works fine...

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    does it eventually come up? when using compression the entire movie has to be uncompressed/loaded before it plays.

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    No, the problem occurs always. I tried it on another machine, but still the same effect.

    The filesize looks ok, but the plugin (or standalone player) obviously fails to completely load the clip. Right-mouseclick results in a movie not loaded.

    The file is not that huge (about 1 mb), so inflating should be done in a few seconds, but after 10 minutes no result.

    As an example compiling the preolader (http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Actionscripting/Creating-Programm-689/Creating-Programm-689.zip)
    as 6 / MX leads to the result...

    First i thought the sorenson squeeze movie is interfering with the compression, but thats not the case putting the video on a plain stage and making a compressed movie works fine (!?!)

    btw: i am running Win2000

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