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Thread: A Quick Scrolling Dynamic Text Problem, I'm Missing Something Simple...

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    I have a dynamic text box that calls in a txt file and that part of it works great. I added the scroll bar component and I can't get it to scroll. The text box has an instance name of "AboutUs" When I dragged the scroll bar it correctly identified the target TextField as "AboutUs" and sized itself to the text box. So why doesn't it work???

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    Do you have variable names, because if you do, I dont think it will work. Follow this:


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    Hey Boldbike,

    I had the same problem and the only way I got the scoll bar to work was to copy the text from the txt file into the actual dynamic text box. If you find a way, please share.


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    Thanks Vox,

    I found that article before you posted and that did do the trick. You can't call the varible and you have to pretty much cut and paste the text from that example and just change the file and instance names. THANKS!

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