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Thread: how do i gain clients?

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    Hi I am a design student and I have been using flash for a few months now. I love designing pages for myself and I realy want to design web pages for other people and get paid as a freelancer. I was wondering how do I begin to get clients. Can someone please help? Thank you =)

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    This isn't expert advice as I am also a student trying to get some work happening.
    Basically you have to spread your name around. Host your website and submit it too the search engines. Also put your name in the 'Jobs Centre' part of this forum, and see what happens. I've managed to get people interested in this way.

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    I am not a "design" student but i have been using flash now for a few months also.
    I currently am constructing HTML websites for businesses in the family but i want other jobs as well.
    One question though.
    I see a lot of Design sites with hundreds of sites they designed. After designing a site and sending it on its way...do you still continue to update the site regularly. Because if those Design sites have created so many sites how do they manage to update them all?
    I enjoy the creating part of site..maitnence simply can get boring...if you know what i mean.
    You know what i mean?

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    I suppose, unfortunaley, that maintaining a site is probably expected of you when you take on a design job. This depends on the nature of the site of course, whether it has to be updated often or not so often. This maintenence shouldn't take too long though, as it is only updating the info, the hard part is trying to think of a cool idea that hasn't been done already.

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    You can solicit yourself to businesses as well. I made a quick example for this comany's website, put their current website to shame and got the job!

    - 1st pick from the first round

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