Dear insane-customers,

recently, a rather nasty virus called 'Klez' has been spreading around the internet causing more confusion than actual damage.

The virus arrives as an email attachment, and infects the user's computer if the attachment is executed, or previewed. Sometimes this automatically happens when you simply open the email.

The trickiest part of the virus is the fact that once it has infected your machine, it sends copies of itself to random people on your address book, *placing random FROM addresses made from your address book*

In other words, the virus *appears* to come from someone you may or may not know, but it actually hasn't - it is very difficult to tell who it is from. Likewise, it contains varying Subject lines, some of which are built up from previous subject lines so as to appear to be relevant to you.

InsaneTools does recieve Klez viruses occasionally and likewise has recieved complaints suggesting our servers may have sent the virus. However, it only *appears* this way - it will be because our email address may be on someone's address book.

You may be assured the mail servers are well protected from the Klez infection.

We do, however, urge all our customers to take similar precautions to protect themselves, and in particular, immediately delete any suspiscious emails containing subject lines like:

A nice special game
View my new website
introduction on ADSL
meeting notice

If you have recieved any of these emails, and are not sure what do to protect yourself, please review the information at the following url - where you can download virus protectors, etc.

Thanks for your time everyone

Best Regards