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    I saw that merciless has asked the same question that I am toiling with. But there has been no reply so I will re-pose it. Is it possible to export an SWF file with a transparent background. Any info on the matter would make for two very giddy developers.
    Thanks much


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    yes you can make a transparent flash movie by making a colour with full alpha in the pallette and then choosing it as the movie bg colour.this movie will still be transparent when seen in ie4+ browsers (not netscape of course).or do you mean you want to load a movie on top of another flash movie using the loadmovie into layer x business?of course a movie with a transparent bg will just display with a white bg when viewed in the standalone player
    not sure if this helps cos your query is vague

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    Thanks a lot brother. I apologize for my query not being specific enough, but I do appreciate the input. Just as a side note, in order for the transparency to work at final display, it must be published with the WMODE set to transparency or (windowless). Thanks again, kick ass board, O'Doyle Rules!

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