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Thread: IM BAAACCCKK!!!!!!help?

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    hey there okes.
    how u all been, its been a while.
    I am working on a new version for my http://www.g0llumw3b.tk website,some things gave me a headache, so now I rebuild it.
    The site will be white now, but the scary chick stays, so does the main idea for my site, it just looks and works better.
    I have a few questions.
    one is, can i embed a flash file into a php site? Like you do with html. Since i might be getting a host with php, i wondered if it wont be better to embed it into php, and then it will be faster?
    second one, i am using 3dfa 3.3( I know its old), and i wonder if i can insert JAVASCRIPTS into it..and if, how?
    thanx okes.
    oh and i also built a website for my native language.

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    KoolMoves Moderator blanius's Avatar
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    Sure you can put flash in a php page. Makes no difference

    As for javascript you'd have to upgrade to at least 3.51 for that I think. If your registered user why not get the current version?

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    Post uhm.....

    hi blanius man.
    dude, I dont think i can upgrade. I got this program with a magazine. Each month they have a full product. .NET magazine- http://www.netmag.co.za
    So i dont think that is an option.
    And I thought of buying a key, but the thing is, south africa is not one of the strongest countries against the big US, so I rate spending a lot of cash on something im not really good at is kinda pointless.
    so there.
    thnx anyways.

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