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Thread: MACINTOSH AutoRun

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    Hello All
    I need to put an autorun for my projector, to run in MACs but i dont know how do that.
    Could someone please help me?



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    ooh ooh me too. i need help with this one also.

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    Ok, I'm a little inarticulate but here are some instructions for you:
    1. Create a Stand-Alone projector from Flash. Save a version for Mac and the .EXE version for PC.
    2. Set your Fscommands if you want them (eg. full screen, resizable, etc.)
    3. Create a new text file in Simple Text or Notepad. Call it “autorun.inf”. In it, write the following:
    4. Drop the .INF file in the ISO section when you burn the cd.
    5. Using Toast to burn the cd, choose Mac/ISO hybrid.
    6. Create HFS volume for the Mac files. This is a separate drive. If no separate drive is available, open the hard drive and choose Utils. Launch Disk Copy. Choose Image from the pull-down menu and create new image. Choose a size for the disk image. Place the Mac SWFs or projectors on the disk image.
    7. In Toast, choose the disk image as the HFS volume.
    8. Check “don’t copy free space”
    9. Open the ISO section from Toast’s menu tab and drop all Windows files there. Choose invisible (optional).
    10. When choosing the HFS volume, in Toast, choose Auto-start. Choose the file that should act as the first file to auto start.

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