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    I have a quaestion:

    How can I stream movies,sounds,.. in 3D-Flash,so that not the whole file will be downloaded in one's and the player starts playing it and the rest will be downloaded in the background????


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    Take the first file and make sure it is larger than the next. Make a container movie, load the first file on a higher level(9 is good), in this movie have a paint element as a background image(it should cover the entire movie area). On the first keyframe of this movie have it load your second movie on a lower level(8 works for me), on the last keyframe of your first movie, have it hide the paint element in the background, this will show your second movie, which should have already been loaded. In your second movie, you should put only a stop action on the first or second keyframe with a button to continue the movie, that way once it has loaded it does not start playing until it is showing.

    You can continue this on down through the levels until you run out of lower levels to work with.


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