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Thread: need help w/ Flash buttons in MAC.....

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    Ive created flash buttons using my pc... things view just fine.. a hover on and off button. Now when my sister uses her mac to view the buttons.. nothing downloads when you click it.. plus there seems to be no hover off action. The buttons still have the orange ring around them when you hover off.

    You can check the buttons out at:


    Now GO TO the MEDIA section... then to AUDIO CLIPS. Im having trouble with the audio clip buttons. How can I make them animate and work ok using a MAC?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!! thanks!


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    the problem is that the rollout detection on mac is not being detected when the mousepointer is mooved out of the stage (the area of the swf) too fast.

    for every button you are using a single swf with 75x60 pixel. if you roll out of this small area too fast, the rollout is not detected.

    if you want it to work right on mac, you have to change the whole concept of your site:

    you are using a frameset where you put different swf's in. that's a bit complicated and causes problems.
    you should put everything in one swf using no frameset.

    OR, you put all soundbuttons into one swf with a bigger stagearea.

    the sounds are downloaded into cache, but they are of a filetype the mac does not know (.wma is windows media?)
    windows media is not part of MacOS, you should use mp3 files instead.

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    Cool Thanks....

    Thanks for your suggestion! I made the buttons into 1 flash file which helped a lot. Plus I'll probably change the music files to mp3.
    thanks again I appreciate it


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