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Thread: Web Page is too big!

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    I have create a web page using Flash4. But the size is too big(900KB). I've break them into nos. of swf file. What can I do? How can I load the another swf file during my first swf movie is still playing at the background?

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    Breaking up your movie into multiple SWF files will help with the download. Loading movies is simple - When your main movie gets to the point where you want it to load another .SWF movie, assign the Load/Unload movie action to either a frame in your main movie timeline or a button on screen (the button will have to be clicked to load the new movie).

    As far as reducing file size - If you have sound, try using MP3 compression and make sure to 'cover stereo to mono'. Also, test out different sound quality - usually 56kbps works well if you have CD quality sound to start off with.

    Another trick to limiting files size is make sure you are using symbols in as many places as possible -- also use MCs whereever possible. If you are going to have the same animation sequence in multiple scenes, make one movie clip and simply tell it to play when needed.

    I hope this helps you out. Good luck!

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    Also you can use PNG format to reduce those JPEGS to a smaller size as well

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