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Thread: cgi-script editors

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    What are the editors for cgi-scripts? I click on the pre written scripts and my conputer doesn't know what program to open it in. Do I have to download an editor?

    Thanks for your help!

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    CGI Scripts are just text files.. They may have different file extensions.. but they are still text files. You can use any text editor you want to edit them. My personal favorite is the shareware program Textpad ( http://www.textpad.com/ ).

    They are usually writen in a language called Perl (although you can use just about any language you want.. perl is the most common). If you need more information on Perl, visit http://www.perl.com/

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    notepad is free and on your machine if your using windows. You can find free scripts at www.javascripts.com and www.devhead.com, regards, Bill

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