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Thread: How far is to far....

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    Technology is coming ahead in leaps and bounds. In the space of ten years we have seen mobile phones having the dimensions of a brick to become that of two match boxes. Where our household appliances are set to order our groceries for us, and we can actually talk to our cars(like Kit out of Knight Rider - maybe not as extreme how ever). I can see all the advantages of these things, but when is enough enough. And how small is too small. I have heard many opinions on this subject from fellow workmates, what is the general concensus here.

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    too far is when its getting implanted in your skin ...

    like credit card tracking and all that **** in a lil chip in your hand or something...

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    there is no magic line of "too far"

    Our technology out-stripped our humanity a long time ago. We have set ourselves up as veritable "Masters of the Universe" (no He-Man jokes, thank you very much! )and now it's up to us (collectively) to decide what to do about it. We can already Clone life-forms, we can already terra-form waste to surplus (and now we have our eyes on Mars due to it's water supply) and I am reading more and more about our 'transporting' technology (yes, just like Star Trek). Now we can beam a laser-light across closed-off spaces in laboratories, last year it was just a molecule of light, and they are saying that in another 10 years or so they will be able to move matter in the same way (spoooooky, just plain spooky).
    I'm old enough that the concept of the 21st century was supposed to be a Buck Rogers kind of place. The year 2000 was not really supposed to happen (at least, not while we were still driving cars and wearing ties...or tie-dies :0 ).

    Bottom line, we are always going to want more (MORE MORE MORE!!!) and we are always going to get it. The question is, what are we going to DO with it?


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