Hi, I want to make a completely new site.
I have a great idea but I have to ask many things that I don't know how they work.
1. If I want the site to open in a window you can't see. Actually fullscreen but then not full, if you know whta I mean.
2. How can I make buttons then that like in windows can close and one that can minimize/maximize.
3. I want a sort of timer that runs really really fast with hours, minutes and seconds. But the timer is purely for show. The time hasn't got to be correct . Maybe it could be the time that the user is already on the site or something like that.
4. And last I want a menu that consist of little circles and each circle represents an item of the site. So the user has to drag a tiny button on the circles and when he releases it ,it has to open the selected item. I think I know how that works with OnPress (startdrag) or something like that.
Could someone please please please help me????