my 200th post, right here in front of your eyes!
...and it took me HOW LONG?!
<--bows and nods, smiles and waves-->

as celebration of this wonderous occasion:

I offer HOPE!!
I offer TRUTH!!

yes, if you are an idiot (either self-professed or labelled so by your loved ones...) I offer you the chance to rise, the chance to realize that you are NOT wading in the "Shallow end of the gene pool"....the chance to gawk at someone else's inane ramblings that are GUARANTEED to make you feel great, sound smart, impress your loved-ones and give you the power to open tuna cans with your teeth (ok, the last one may be a stretch)...

I just can't keep this guy to myself anymore. Every once in a while I have to show this guy's site to people in an attempt to make myself appear intelligent by comparison (i think i might have mentioned him around here about a year ago...). He really needs to vent, so he has a few URLs....enjoy!