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Thread: intro like in star wars...how to do it ???

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    Hey hi guys i have a little problem and tried everything to get i work, but i can´t. Ok what im trying to do...is a intro similar to the starwars one...you know at the beginning the sentences coming from the bottom making its way up. thats easy to do this is the ruff part : i would like to have the sentences to change to an angle starting from the left side the words should be italic going to the middle, and the right side going to the middle, so it almost looks like an trpezium.

    sorry for the spelling but im german.

    Would be nice, if you answer per E-mail !!!
    THANX !


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    Hey Webking...

    go to http://flash.onego.ru/ and press on the Y2K site, he has a Star Wars text-fla on his site!

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