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Thread: To Flash MX moderators

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    I posted the following tread more than 10 days yet I didn't get any response. Do you think you can help please.

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    I imported a 1,801 kb wmv file into flash mx and choose 100% quality.

    End up the swf file is a huge 21,869 kb in size.

    What is the reason pls. I heard flash can reduce file size of imported video.

    It's strange! Even flash doesn't compress the video, the file size should be the same but why now it's much bigger than the original!

    Anything wrong pls



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    There was another thread referring to that a couple of days ago! Maybe try searching for it!
    But one thing you can try is to lower quality, to see if that changes anything in file size... It seems reducing an .avi's quality to but 99% had a big impact.
    Sort of also remember reading, that wmv which are already encoded, are not the best choice to start with if you want to embed some video in Flash. If you have that file in another format, you could also try that and get better results.

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    ou have to load it in @ 99% or less. 100% wouldn't be compressing it at all. Try 85% or less or use a Pro codec like Sorenson or Flix.

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    Smile from my point of view

    i´m not an expert, but from my past tries if you don´t compress the video even a little bit it will generate more size than the original. try reducing the quality to 90% and you´ll see the difference (big difference). It will be much smaller than the original one and the quality would be excelent.
    xcuse my english, i dont speak very well.

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