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    I am trying mask an odd shaped object. If I use the line tool whithin mask, it will not work when exported to .swf. But If I use a standard shape (ie square or circle) it works fine....Any suggestions or workarounds?

    Any new when version 3.6 will be released?

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    I have had the same problem before, it seems that using a mask that has a very complex shape just doesn't work. The only workaround I've been able to come up with is to draw the shape on a bitmap, and use the transparency option, but this won't always work.

    You can see a working example at:


    Here is the gif file that I am using to mask the movies(scaled to 50%)

    The movies that show up on mouseover, are all beneath the 'mask gif' everything else is above it. Again it won't always work as it may not be practical to mask the entire movie for the effect, but it's the only solution I have for the problem.

    I hope this helps some.


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