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Thread: Dynamic text help

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    OK - I have a screensaver that I have made..best if I explain what it's all about first.

    It is a football clubs fixtures - now as they play their games, I want to be able to add the results from a text file on a server. I have managed this ok, BUT...I want to be able to call DIFFERENT results for different games from the SAME text file, so I don't have to create result1.txt result2.txt result3.txt etc etc and name the textbox variables accordingly.

    so for example..

    I have a textbox variable = result1 - I use loadVariablesNum ("result1.txt", 0);
    to load result1.txt into that textbox.
    In result1.txt I have result1=9-0

    Do I have to give each text box a different variable and create diff text files? Or is there a way to do the above?

    please help


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    if you set your text file (results.txt) up as:


    and so on, you can read in the text results in one foul swoop.

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    dynamic screensaver

    Hi there

    i know this is an old thread but I need some help figuring out how to do a dynamic screensaver. I want to create a screensaver that sits on every computer within a company but pulls data information from a central source - whether this is on a local machine or online server [not sure yet]. essentially it will be a screensaver that pulls in text from a text file - but this text file needs to be updated on a regular basis.

    if anyone has any ideas that'd be great. I haven't done any actionscripting for a while so am a bit rusty but am using flash MX.

    please help



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