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    how can i use, make or simulate conditional instructions on swish?

    hey guys , i-ve posted another thread to ask help with mi site, casue i have some problems with the scrollers on the movie, if you want to see what im talking about check>

    only 4 buttons are working, check them out i hope you find the error. well if you can help with this problem i-d appreciate it alot, you cand downlowad the swi form here
    the scroller im using was based from this tutorial:

    ok this new post refers to an idea i got about that problem, in the original file (called barra.swi) i have a sprite called scroll wich has 2 others sprtes within it, one por control buttosn and one for the text movement, i got a scroll sprite for each button on the menu but im having conflicts, i just tought of using one scroll for all, but instead of having just one text inside it, i'll have at least four, thats where the conditional instructions should come on, i mean if i have slected the first button how can i make the control buttons to diferentiate the text they should move, i dont know if i make myself clear. really need help on this one

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    i'm not sure if i correctly understood your question, but this should help:

    lets take your button "antecedentes" you've already assigned a "tell target -> scroll 1 -> go to frame 1" action to it. all you'd have to do now is add 3 more tell target actions:
    tell target -> scroll 2 -> go to frame 0 (uncheck play)
    tell target -> scroll 3 -> go to frame 0 (uncheck play)
    tell target -> scroll 4 -> go to frame 0 (uncheck play)

    apply this scheme to all of your buttons.

    this should help?

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    hi, lys12, you know i did correct the error, i don-t know if it was the best way but it worked, anyway i think your solution was kinda interesting and quite diferent from mine i thnk, why did you say that i should uncheck the play box, and why tell the targes to go to frame 0?

    anyway im goin to upload my file with my solution ist calle barra2.swi if you wanna check it out anyway and compare.

    thanks alot anyway =)


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