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Thread: Hi all, I need help. thanx.

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    I manage a software project, this is my first. And I am from China, here
    many managements are not standard, so I want some standard document for
    software project manager.

    My Email is Digital_boy_zone@yahoo.com.cn Digitalboy100@hotmail.com

    You also can connect me through MSN and Yahoo messager.

    At last, I want to say thank you very much.

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    Project Management Software?

    If I understand you correctly, Visio (by Microsoft) may be what you are looking for;

    it has a downloadable trial version and is easy to learn. As long as you aren't an 'anti-Microsoft' fanatic, it really doesn't have any problems. It is actually put together well.

    or perhaps, Microsoft Project is more what you are looking for;
    as it is also geared towards large project management...

    Macromedia makes a product called SiteSpring;
    which is more for web-based projects in general, but definitely worth looking at. This may help you also.

    good luck!

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    never mind...

    Macromedia is no longer dealing with or producing SiteSpring, so you may be best served with Visio after all...


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