I was wondering if anyone had a solution to a problem that we are facing at the moment. Our company makes animated books for the net and CD-ROM and we use Freehand and Flash to do this. What usually happens is that we get art from our illustrators, trace that in Freehand and then colour it in flash or Freehand. The problem we have found is that art coloured in flash can then not be taken back into freehand without it adding tons of points and distorting the image slightly. I am wondering if I have missed a step somewhere ... we have found that the least amount of distortion and number of points added is if we export the image from flash as an .ai file - why can't we export as a .fh file?

The reason we have been colouring in flash in the first place is that we have found it easier to add highlights in flash, by breaking the image apart and using the paint bucket tool to colour selected fills. Sorry about the essay here and the confusing explanation but if any of this makes sense to anyone and you have some sort of solution for us we would be extremely grateful.