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Thread: quality sound not for web

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    I'm a sound designer. I'm doing sound for an animation made in Flash. They want a high quality sound version to show at film festivals, and a .swf version.

    I'm using a Mac so I can't export as a .wav (bummer). Will exporting a QuickTime at 44.1 kHz and 16 bit give me just as high quality results?

    My question is, can Flash (on Mac) give good enough sound quality for the festival version, or should I use a dedicated multitracking sound app?

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    Hmm, you could probably get away with mp3 at a high bitrate (like 192 upwards). It's quite close to CD audio by then. I'd say try it out first...depends how big the final setup is going to be.

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    I might be confused with your question....but you can't export to a wav file from a sound app? I would go with mp3 if the other formats are not an option.

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    Yes I can export a wav from a sound app, but I was just hoping not to have to do two versions, one in Flash and one in Protools.

    I wanted to export a 44.1 kHz, 16 bit soundtrack from Flash to synch up later in say Final Cut Pro for an SP Betacam videotape.

    But the Mac version of Flash doesn't allow you to export a .wav (like the PC version does, apparently), or an .aif for that matter.

    So yes I'll try exporting as a QT and as high quality MP3 and see how that goes.

    And thanks for the help.

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